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Coalition Membership

-City of Chicago  Heights, Illinois

-State Rep. Will Davis

-State Rep Anthony DeLuca

-Prevention Partnership, Inc.

-Aunt Martha's

-School District #170

-Archdiocese of Chicago- Office of Prevention

-Illinois Liquor Control Commission

-Chicago Heights Police Department

-South Suburban Star

-Bloom Township

-Active Transportation Alliance

-Seven Generations Ahead

-South Suburban Council

-Cook County Department of Public Health

-Public Health Institute of Metropolitan Chicago

-The Illinois Department of Human Services


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Strategic Planning

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Coalition Overview

Beginning in January 2009, the South Suburban Family Wellness Alliance (SSFWA) began collecting data for its community-wide needs assessment to determine the alcohol, tobacco and other drug (ATOD) prevention priorities as they relate to underage drinking and marijuana use and behavioral health in Chicago Heights, Illinois. Current needs assessment data was collected to answer the following questions:

 What is the nature and extent of underage drinking and marijuana use in the community? What specific age groups are impacted the most?

 What are the community risk and protective factors associated with these issues (i.e., retail and social access to alcohol, enforcement of alcohol laws, perceived risk of harm and social norms about underage drinking, promotion of use, and pricing.)?

 What are the harmful consequences of underage drinking and marijuana use in the Chicago Height community?

 What are the existing prevention efforts? What is the most critical gap in prevention services (i.e., community resource and readiness assessment)? What evidence-based prevention
approaches are needed to address this gap?

A mixed-methods approach (i.e., multiple data sources and data collection strategies) was integrated into the needs assessment. Both quantitative and qualitative data were collected and analyzed. Despite considerable attempts, some data were not available at the community level— which limited the sub-group analyses. The primary goals of the needs assessment was to:

 Identify prevention priorities to guide development of problem statements, goals, and objectives for
the Community-wide Strategic Prevention Plan.
 Define the coalition’s primary targeted community and boundaries (neighborhood, county, city, etc.).
 Reconstruct and build on the relevant local history of community mobilization and anti-drug work.
 Collect quantitative data from partners and outside sources, including related archival and survey data.


Data Collection Strategies and Tools

The primary methodologies used to capture data for the needs assessment included student surveys, observational data (i.e., bar and retail establishment observations), document reviews of
local ordinance and other law enforcement data.

Illinois Youth Survey

The Illinois Youth Survey (IYS) was used to assess the nature and extent of underage drinking in the community. The IYS is a self-report survey that is usually administered to students in 6th grade, 8th grade, and high school (10th and 12th grades) every 2 years. The IYS is designed to measuring use and prevalence of alcohol, marijuana and other drugs among students and
includes measures for various risk and protective factors across four domains: community, peer/individual, family, and school. Demographic items captured through the survey include
gender, ethnicity, and grade in school.

ALC Logic Model


SAP Communication Campaign

Have you seen these posters? We sure hope so. It's a part of our substance abuse prevention (SAP) communication campaign to combat underage drinking, marijuana use and other illicit drug use by youth in Chicago Heights, as indicated by the Illinois Youth Survey.

Web Update

01/03/12 - Enjoy "Half Off Healthy Food Days" at your local participating corner/grocery stores in Chicago Heights now thru March 2012. Check stores for details. (Millenium Foods and Center Food and Liquor)

12/29/11 - The next meeting of the Chicago Heights South Suburban Family Wellness Alliance will be held in March of 2012 at City Hall. Please RSVP (773) 378-4195 x 16 if you would like to be in attendance.

12/01/11 - The Active Transportation Alliance in partnership w/ SSFWA and the City of Chicago Heights is hosting a community transportation survey on Survey Monkey. Click here to participate.



Coming Soon...

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Chicago Heights Fall Soccer Tournaments- Joint Use Agreement for Physical Activity

School District #170 is hosting a soccer tournament in the month of October 2011 for all Chicago Heights youth wishing to attend. To find out more, contact Joe Matise at Washington Junior High School (708)756-4841. This is an activity sponsored by the Chicago Heights SSFWA and the Cook County Department of Public Health.

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2012 Illinois Youth Survey Registration Has Begun

We are currently registering elementary and high schools in the Chicago Heights area for the 2011 Illinois Youth Survey, the State of Illinois Instrument for measuring Behavioral Health Concerns among adolescents.  Please Contact (773) 378-4195 to register you school today! Or click here!

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